MediaTek LinkIt 2523 Development Board

  • Details
  • MediaTek MT2523 product family (MT2523D/MT2523G) is based around a highly integrated system in package (SiP) that contains a micro controller unit, low power GNSS (MT2523G), dual mode Bluetooth, and a power management unit (PMU). The micro controller unit is an ARM Cortex‐M4 with floating point MCU, integrated with 4MB PSRAM and 4MB flash memory. MT2523 also supports interfaces such as UART, I2C, SPI, I2S, PWM, SDIO, MSDC, USB, PCMIF, ADC and dual digital MIC.

    LinkIt 2523 Development Board — Key Features

  • Integral antenna for Bluetooth Dual Mode and GPS, as well as an SMA connector for external antenna.
  • Flexible on-board power supply from 5V USB or external battery.
  • Extensive set of interfaces, providing 3 I2C, 4 master and 1 slave SPI, 1 master and 1 slave I2S, 1 PCM, 4 UART, 5 12-bit ADCs and 5 PWM interfaces.
  • Expandable memory, with two external memory storage options: SD card slot and on-board eMMC memory.
  • Commercial grade testing with JTAG debugging support and pins for power consumption measurement.
  • A serial camera interface.
  • Built-in touch display on the MIPI interface, with resolution up to 320x320 pixels.
  • Built-in speaker to enable audio testing.
  • MediaTek LinkIt 2523 HDK developed by Silicon Application Corp. Group

    The MediaTekLinkIt™ 2523 HDK is developed and produced by Silicon Application Corp. Group based on the hardware reference design by MediaTek. This development board is used for rapid prototyping of GNSS enables IoT devices that connect over Bluetooth. With low power consumption features, such as TSMC 55nm ultra-low power (ULP) technology and multiple frequency and voltage modes. Bluetooth Dual Mode, built-in GPS antenna, touch screen display, speaker, and camera interface to support a wide range of device features straight from the board. The development board enables prototypes to take full advantage of the I/O protocols supported by the MediaTek MT2523G SOC, such as I2C, SPI (master & slave), I2S (master and slave), PCM, UART, ADCs and PWMs. With a debugging port and headers reserved for power consumption monitoring, the board provides for a full range of essential pre-commercial testing. The board also supports battery and fixed (USB) power connections.

    Declaration :
    This LinkIt™ 2523 HDK (the "Product"), offered as part of MediaTekLinkIt™ Development Platform for RTOS, is developed, manufactured, offered and sold by Silicon Application Corp. Group ("SAC"), a member of WPG Holdings (“WPG”), and/or WPG, subject to its sales terms and conditions. SAC develops the Product based on the hardware board reference design available on the website of MediaTek Inc. ("MediaTek") at MediaTek makes no representation or warranty of any kind and shall in no event be liable for any claims relating to or arising out of the Product or its component or any use or inability to use thereof.