Q1: How to place order on WPGDADAGO online shop?
Just follow several simple steps to place your order,

1. Register or Login our website.

2. Search the item(s) you need and click the button of 【BUY】to add to shopping cart.

3. After completing shopping, please Click【Next】 to proceed order information.

4. Follow the instruction to fill in order information.

5. Wholly check the order and click the button 【Submit】 to send out Order.

● Please note that Will NOT ask you to pay at step 5.

6. Please wait for automated email 「Payment Notice」which will guide you to make payment.

Q2: How to put the product in the shopping cart?
Q3: Do I need to register or login before using the shopping cart?
Q4: How to continue to buy after adding some items into my shopping cart?
Q5: How to delete the product from the shopping cart?
Q6: Can I order the quantity which is not conformed to SPQ and MOQ (Standard Packing Quantity/Minimum Order Quantity) requirements?
Q7: The price on website is only set to 1000pcs. How much if I want to order 10,000pcs?
Q8: How to review my shopping cart?
Q9: I put all items into my shopping cart. Can I complete the order later?
Q10: How to know that my order is sent out successfully?
Q11: Why am I notified that the item(s) order is/are out of stock after placing order?
Q12: Is there min order value requirements? Do I need to pay the freight?