Q1: How do I pay after placing order?
Once our Customer Representative confirms your order, the automated mailbox system will send you an e-mail of Payment Notice which will guide you to make on-line payment or download P/I for necessary to arrange wire transfer.
Q2: How many kinds of payment method accepted?
Q3: Can I pay by Credit Card?
Q4: What payment currency is accepted?
Q5: Can I arrange one payment for several orders?
Q6: I complete the remittance. Why the order status is still is 「waiting for Payment」?
Q7: Who shall I send remittance receipt to? How to learn who is my sales representative?
Q8: How long will the payment be confirmed after completing the remittance process?
Q9: I find out that wrong item(s) is/are ordered but already paid. Can I cancel the order and have refund?