Shipping method
Q1: When will I receive the item(s) ordered?
Q2: What are the shipping methods?
Shipment methods will be depended on different suppliers and you may choose from the followings when placing order,

1. Destination is Non China (included Hong Kong):

The available carriers are: DHL/FedEx/UPS

a. WPGEC: Using WPGEC courier account. The freight will be charged separately. This is applicable for the customers who do not have courier service account.

b. Your assigned couriers: Please fill in your own DHL or FedEx or UPS account number, the freight will be directly charged to your courier account.

2. Destination is China Domestic (excluded Hong Kong):

WPGEC will arrange domestic courier to dispatch goods to your receiving address.

Q3: Who are responsible for charges of custom clearing?
Q4: How do I get the invoice?
Q5: Is there restriction of embargoed countries?
Q6: Do I need to pay the freight?