Shipping method
Q1When will the order to be shipped?
Q2What are the shipping methods?
Selection of Shipping Methods on order:

※ USD (pls see Q6 for free freight criteria)

Buyer is responsible for the expenses of import affair and local transportation if happened at ship to destination.

a. [Assign by WPGDADAGO]

*Reaches free freight threshold, please select [Assign by WPGDADAGO].

*Not meet free freight threshold, will charge discretionary freight fee and state on order details, buyer has to pay total amount includes goods value & freight fee.

b. [by Other Express]:Please fill in your DHL or FedEx or UPS account number, the int'l. freight fee will be directly charged to your courier account.

※ TWD、RMB (pls see Q6 for handling charge criteria)

[Assign by WPGDADAGO]:The selling price includes freight fee, WPGDADAGO will arrange domestic courier to deliver goods.

Q3Who is responsible for charges of clearing import customs at receiving destination?
Q4How do I get the invoice?
Q5Is there restriction of embargoed countries?
Q6Do I need to pay the freight?